vision and goals

The Company will strive to develop, maintain, preserve, manage and position the Jewish Quarter and its sites as a national resource and a world cultural heritage asset, and will work to develop and expand its capabilities in the area of the Old City and its surroundings, as a leading governmental arm in Jerusalem.

The Company will have the latest knowledge and tools, and will strive for excellence, innovation and service for the benefit of the Jewish Quarter’s residents and visitors, while creating value for its owners.

The sites of the Jewish Quarter will be must-sees for every visitor to Jerusalem, and visitors to the Jewish Quarter will have an uplifting, exciting experience, connecting them to their own identity so they become emissaries of Jerusalem to the rest of Israel and around the world.

The Company will emphasize the rehabilitation and development of the Jewish Quarter as a National Heritage Site with global historic and cultural significance while highlighting its unique character.

  • Leading and coordinating all the entities that are working to advance the status and position of the Old City, with a view to the goals of the State of Israel.

  • Planning, fund raising, restoration, rehabilitation, enhancement, and maintenance of building projects and initiatives in the area of the Jewish Quarter and the Old City.

  • Managing the real estate and sites of the Company, and the lease and rental of properties.

  • Purchasing, leasing, and preserving property rights in the Jewish Quarter.

  • Promoting and leading the environmental development and appearance of the Jewish Quarter in coordination with other related entities.

  • Developing, establishing and managing museums, tourist sites and heritage sites.

  • Initiating, funding and managing touristic, cultural, public diplomacy and educational activities in Jerusalem.

  • Promoting archaeological and historical research, making it visible, documenting it and making it accessible in cooperation with the relevant entities.

  • Maximizing the Company’s profits and strengthening it through cooperation, identifying and recognizing business opportunities and fundraising.

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