Women dreamers and fighters

Tour Directions

We shall begin the tour at the Jaffa Gate, from there we shall walk to a spectacular view in the Habonim Park towards Mishkenot Sha’ananim. Let us imagine the aristocrat Yehudit Montefiore, who breached the city’s boundaries and conventions through respect and public goodwill.

We will meet the first entrepreneur in Jerusalem, Ms. Krisha Berman. The first to understand who her potential customers were and who opened the largest bakery in Jerusalem of her time.

We will go up to the spectacular observation point of the Hurva synagogue. We shall meet Tzvia Shiff Carmon, Jewish Quarter fighter in 1948.

Tiferet Israel – an important position during the War of Liberation. We will read one of the last letters of the the Hagana fighter Esther Tsilingold, freedom fighter and active in the independence of the people in its land.

We will reach the Houses of Refuge Square. There we will hear about the Rebbetzin Moshka Lieba Orenstein, the merciful nurse during the War of Independence and the author Pua Steiner, who left the Old City for the new city as a child when the Quarter surrendered. She returned and today lives as a citizen of the State of Israel in the Jewish quarter.

We shall end the tour with Racheli Mahtook Levi at the entrance to the Jewish Quarter. The girl that fled from the shelling in 1948 and returned after 19 years with her head held high .

It is recommended to continue to the Western Wall at the end of the tour. There are liable to be changes to the women interviewed (characters).

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