The Hurva Synagogue Like You Have Never Known

General Info About The Tour

Yoel Freiman (Drori), one of the first guides of the “Horvat Rabbi Yehuda HaChassid” Synagogue in the Old City of Jerusalem, 10th generation of the Gra’s (Vilna Ga’on) students, grandson of Rabbi Israel Freiman, the synagogue’s gabbai (manager).

An actor, director, and tour guide, delivers with great skill, humor and charm his tours, full of past stories and stories that were created through endless guiding.

Yoel: “My great-great-grandfather was Rabbi Yisrael of Shklov, a disciple of the Vilna Ga’on (Rabbi Eliyahu of Vilna), immigrated to Eretz Israel to observe the mitzvot that depend on the Land of Israel. He also wrote a book, “The Side of the Table,” which deals with this subject. In spite of the loss of nine of his children, he clung to the land and its mitzvot and the building of the Hurva Synagogue as a sign of the “beginning of redemption.” This synagogue, which was built and destroyed and again was rebuilt and destroyed again is a symbol of his work, and served as an inspiration for my work as a guide in the Land of Israel in general and in Jerusalem in particular and in the Hurva Synagogue as well. Come visit here and see that which was destroyed, in fact, was destroyed in order to be rebuilt, the ashes turn into glory.

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