the heart that never stopped beating

Tour Directions

We will begin the tour at the Zion gate, from there we shall walk to King David’s Tomb, the first who declared Jerusalem as the capital of the Jewish people.

We will be impressed by the broad and fortified wall that King Hezekiah built and from there we will proceed to the prestigious houses of the Second Temple period in the Herodian Quarter museum.We will continue and walk in the Cardo, the main street during the Byzantine period

The Ramban synagogue, a turning point in the renewal of settlement in Jerusalem.

The spectacular observation point of the Hurva Synagogue – we will advance to the 19th century, when new immigrants arrived to bring redemption closer through their attempt to build the Hurva Synagogue. We will experience the Jewish settlement until we reach the Houses of Refuge square. We are struck by the steadfastness of the handful of fighters of the War of Independence and their heroism against the Jordanian Legion and the Arab rioters.

We will return and be moved by the Western Wall with Motta Gur and the paratroopers at the time of the sound of the historic voice: “The Temple Mount is in our hands, I repeat the Temple Mount is in our hands”.

We shall conclude at the Western Wall, full of vibrant life and the proud expression of the 70th anniversary of the State of Israel!

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