Songs Surrounding Jerusalem

General Info About The Tour

Many songs were into Jerusalem, songs of dreamers and fighters, love and longing, prayers and hymns. We will walk through its enchanting alleyways to the sounds of the strings that pierce the heart.

Tour Directions

Meeting at Zion gate. “At your gates Jerusalem”.

View from the tomb of David “Mountain air as clear as wine” Naomi Shemer and the great classic “Jerusalem of Gold”.

Tekuma (Rebirth) garden – we will walk alongside walls of the Old City “I stand on the wall”.

The Cardo, Madaba map – The song “On his hands he will bring” as an expression of all those years of exile and anticipation of salvation.

The broad wall that King Hezekiah built, descendant of the builder of the city Aza.

“And Uzziah built towers in Jerusalem”

The square of the Quarter, full of life and vitality. The fulfillment of the words of the prophet Isaiah, “May Jerusalem rejoice”.

Monument to the fallen residents of 1948 – “Light and Jerusalem” the story of the song and the poet, Joseph Sarig, fallen soldier.

Houses of Refuge square (Batei Mechase) – “Jerusalem Praises”, “Go Jerusalem”, the inspiration that the city gives to its poets.

“The Kotel”/Yossi Gamzo – a song that is so moving that it became the anthem of the Kotel

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