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General Info About The Tour

“There are stones with human hearts” behind and under the walls of stone houses, hundreds of years old, alongside much newer ones.

We shall encounter the personal story of the people who live at the center of the beating heart that after 2,000 years has come to life

We will enter the houses of the residents of the Quarter, we will hear their fascinating stories, which is a continuation of the life of Jerusalemite nobility of the Second Temple period, and their impressive homes, where we will visit and be impressed by their glory and splendor.

Tour Directions

Meeting point at the Zion Gate.

Exciting meeting in a house of a Quarter resident. We will hear from them about life in the renewed and lively Quarter.

The Burnt House – A hologram that embodies the story of Jerusalem, and the internal struggles that led to the destruction. In the lounge of the impressive house of an aristocratic priestly family

Meeting from another viewpoint of a Jewish Quarter resident.

Exciting tour in the prestigious quarter, in the luxurious neighborhood of the wealthy Jerusalemites from the time of the Second Temple.

End at the Kotel

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