In-depth tours of Jewish life in Jerusalem between the walls

General Info About The Tour

Dr. Eyal Davidson: Author of the tour guide “Jewish Quarter and All its Paths”, and three additional tour guides about Jerusalem, a researcher of Jerusalem and the Land of Israel, a tour guide and lecturer at academic colleges.

  1. The wandering Jew – Jewish neighborhoods in Jerusalem during the early Muslim and Crusader period
  2. The Lost Quarter – following the Ramban, and the question of the location of the Jewish Quarter at the beginning of the Mameluk period.
  3. The expulsion to the redemption – the history of the Sephardi community in Jerusalem
  4. The House of G-d and the Gate of Heaven – following the great Kabbalists.
  5. Pharisees – the history of the Ashkenazi community in the Jewish quarter of the 19th century.
  6. Hasidim and Men of Action – the first centers of Hasidim in the Jewish Quarter.
  7. Their Torah and Art – Wondrous Jewish women characters in the Jewish and Muslim Quarters.
  8. See the voices – yeshivas and synagogues that were lost on the Jewish street and on the Plugat Hakotel street.
  9. Torah and greatness in one place – following exemplary figures on Hagai Street.
  10. The courtyard of the Old Settlement – the story of a Jewish residential courtyard in the Jewish quarter (including a visit to the new Old Settlement Court museum).
  11. B’nei Mikra (sons of the scripture) – the unique and wondrous story of the Karaite community in Jerusalem
  12. On the wings of eagles – the history of the Yemenite settlement in Ottoman Jerusalem.
  13. From East and West – Testimony in Jerusalem
  14. Fruit of your labors – following the Jewish business owners of the nineteenth century.
  15. Only health – about doctors and medicine in Old Jerusalem.
  16. It all begins with education – Jewish education versus the challenges of modernity.
  17. And on Gemilut Chasadim (good works) – Jewish charity projects.
  18. From the north, prosperity will come – past and present of the Jewish settlement north of the Old City
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