Illuminate the city

General Info About The Tour

The magical lights of the city which is the most beautiful and mysterious among the cities of the world, the shades of colors changing all the time, the figures that look different.

In the light of lanterns at night we will walk along a section of the ramparts of the Old City and through a drainage channel from the time of the Second Temple. We will tell the story of the residents and the defenders of Jerusalem.

Tour Directions

Meeting point: Dung gate

Entrance into a drainage channel from the time of the Second Temple.

A trip through the open streets that Hillel and Shamai, Rabbi Akiva and all the pilgrims walked upon. We will descend to the impressive mikvahs and imagine the shops of that period.

We will climb on the section of the ramparts from the Ottoman period until we reach the Crusader fortress.

We will stand at the footsteps of the Hulda gate, the central entrance to the Temple Mount. We will witness the beauty of the most magnificent of cities in the world, both physically and spiritually.

Finish at the Western Wall plaza

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