Hymns and yearning

General info about the tour

Towards the coming of Shabbat we will experience the sunset in the sense of the divine spirit on Friday night (“Hakol Tapuchin Kadishin”).

We will connect the moving words of the liturgical poets to holy streets and their secrets, until the holiest place in our hands, the Western Wall.

Tour directions

Meeting place at Zion gate

18.15    King David’s tomb

“A psalm for David the L-rd is my shepherd I shall not want”

Tekumah park “soulmate/yedid nefesh”/Rabbi Elazar  Azichri

Galitzian roofs “Lecha Dodi”/Rabbi Shlomo Halevy Alkabetz

View of the Kotel “Tzmeah nafshi(my soul thirsts)

Finish at the Kotel

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