Ancient Graffiti Carved in Stone

General Info About The Tour

A tour of the old city, following ancient inscriptions that were carved into stone hundreds and thousands of years ago.

Since prehistoric times, people have been creating pictures and carving their ideas into stone. Thousands of inscriptions and etchings from various periods have been found in Jerusalem, among them one that depicts the Temple’s Menorah (a sacred candelabrum with seven branches), inscriptions from the Temple, and many more.
We will dive into this fascinating world and try to figure out when the inscriptions were created and what exactly they were supposed to mean.

Tour Directions

  • We will enter the Herodian Quarter (which was revealed after Jerusalem was liberated and reunited in the Six-Day War of 1967), and see houses that belonged to rich priests, unique mosaics, baths and mikvahs (ritual immersion baths), splendid houseware, the special etching of the Menorah, and more.
  • We will continue to the Davidson Center, an archaeological site with a stunning garden, and see the Southern Wall of the Temple Mount, the steps leading to the Huldah Gates, the remains of Robinson’s Arch, mikvahs in which people purified themselves in preparation for visiting the Temple, the Herodian street, a Byzantine building that was reconstructed according to Byzantine building methods, relics from the Hasmonean period, and more.
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