the company’s importance

The Company’s Importance

The Company for the Reconstruction and Development of the Jewish Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem Ltd. operates in the most sensitive area in Israel (and perhaps the world). This area includes the Western Wall, the Southern Wall and the Ophel, all very close to the gates to the Temple Mount. Hence the importance of the Company’s proper and responsible management.
The Company is the only governmental arm in the Old City that has the tools, the experience and the sensitivity necessary to complete building projects, develop tourism and preserve the character of the Jewish Quarter, all in accordance with government policy.

The Company’s Operations

The Company focuses on three major areas:
Construction and assets:
Completing building projects in the Jewish Quarter and leasing assets, transferring rights, mapping and registration, renting assets, rehabilitating and preserving buildings.

Sites and tourism development:
Museums, visitor centers, memorial sites, archaeological sites. Bringing in visitors and tourists and arranging cultural events.

Improving the Jewish Quarter:

Taking care of maintenance, cleaning, parking, Gan HaTekuma, gardening and landscaping and playgrounds.
Maintaining crucial balances in the life of the Jewish Quarter.
The Company is in charge of maintaining the balance between the various residents, merchants and visitors, and between residential, commercial and tourist needs, as determined in the Company’s articles of association:

  • Maintaining the sensitive relations between the various religious groups (Jews, Christians, Muslims and Armenians).
    Maintaining good relations between the Haredi (Ultra-Orthodox), religious and secular communities.
    Maintaining the balance between the nature and location of commercial activities and the nature of the Jewish Quarter’s tourism.
    Maintaining the Jewish Quarter as both a residential neighborhood and a leading tourist destination, where many religious and educational institutions (schools, synagogues, yeshivas and more) exist side by side as well.

The very existence of the Company and its unique activities enable the balances that are so crucial for a vibrant tourist district that is also a residential neighborhood, with various institutions and commercial activities, to be maintained.

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