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General Information

A moment before you approach the Western Wall, you can visit the house that belonged to the Katros family. It appears in the Talmud as one of 24 priestly families from the Second Temple period. The Katros family is mentioned in less than pleasant contexts, which you will learn more about during the tour.

Opening Hours
Days Summer Clock Winter Clock
Sunday through Thursday 9:00-18:00 9:00-17:00
Fridays and holiday Eves 9:00-13:00 9:00-13:00

There are four main entrances to the Old City. The one closest to the Jewish Quarter and Mount Zion is the Zion Gate. Near the Zion Gate you will find a public parking lot (see details below), which is a ten minute walk in the direction of the Western Wall from us.

You can also park in the Givati Parking Lot (payment per hour/ day), which is near the Dung Gate and opposite the City of David.

Another option is to park your vehicle in the Mamilla Parking Lot or in the Karta Parking Lot and enter on foot through the Jaffa Gate.

Egged Bus Lines

Line 1: Central Bus Station – Western Wall (via Geula and Kikar HaShabat)

Line 3:  Central Bus Station – Western Wall (via Sorotzkin Street, Ezrat Torah, Bar Ilan Junction, Shmuel HaNavi Street)

Line 38: The Jewish Quarter (circular line, via the Western Wall, HaHan, David Hamelech Street, and Mamilla)

Line 38-Aleph: (via the Western Wall, HaHan, Keren Hayesod Street, the center of the city – Merkaz Ha’Ir, and Mamilla)

The Light Rail

You can take the light rail and get off at:

The City Hall station – from which you can proceed on foot to the Jaffa Gate (a 5-10 minute walk) or to the New Gate (an approximately 5 minute walk).

Three “Park and Ride” lots, where you can leave your car and board the light rail, are located near the following stations: Mt. Herzl, Ammunition Hill and Pisgat Ze’ev – Center.


Taxis are allowed to enter the Jaffa Gate at all times of day, so you can use a taxi to get to the Western Wall. You can also hail a taxi along the streets inside the Old City. Taxis are usually concentrated in the area of the street leading to the Jaffa Gate, and near the Western Wall and the Dung Gate.

Private vehicles

Private vehicles are not allowed to enter the Old City through the Jaffa Gate between 9 am and 6 pm, except for those belonging to residents of the Old City, its merchants or holders of disabled parking permits. It is not possible to visit the Old City by car, and so we recommend parking in one of the nearby lots.

Parking lots

The Karta parking lot – at the entrance to the Old City, near the Jaffa Gate (payment per hour/ day).

The Mamilla parking lot – the underground parking lot of the Mamilla Alrov Mall, near the Jaffa Gate (payment per hour/ day, the first hour is free).

The Givati parking lot – outside the Dung Gate, in front of the entrance to the City of David (payment per hour/ day).

The Jewish Quarter parking lot – entered via the Jaffa Gate (payment per hour/ day).

The Har Zion (Mount Zion) parking lot – outside the Old City walls, it is entered by turning right from the Sultan’s Pool dam (payment per hour/ day).

The Kikar Safra (Safra Square) parking lot – under the Safra Squre, entered via Shivtei Israel Street (payment per hour/ day).

The Line 38 bus collects people from the Karta and Mamilla parking lots and the ride into the Old City is at a special, discounted rate.


Minimum group size – 20 people.

The price of a guided tour arranged in advance:

Up to one hour – 160 shekels

Up to an hour and a half – 250 shekels (two sites)


Audio guide headphones can be rented for an additional fee

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