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Bar Mitzvah

A festive meal

in the Herodian Quarter

The roofed Cardo

The Hurva Synagogue

From Date: 01.09.2015

Bar Mitzvah

Want to make your child's Bar Mitzvah an exciting and special event?

Want to have it in the holiest place?

An event that everyone will remember and talk about?

The sites of the Jewish Quarter have been waiting for you for 3,000 years! Are you in?!

Bar BaRova Bar Mitzvahs

The best functions personally customized, with elegance and a different perspective.

The beautiful, history-filled sites of the Quarter create an atmosphere that is incomparable.

Your Bar Mitzvah can take place at any of the following locations:

The Herodian Quarter - the homes of the affluent from the Second Temple period.

The Hurva Synagogue in the Jewish Quarter.

Charming gemstones embedded throughout the quarter will complement the experience of your event.

In addition to booking the venue, you can upgrade and customize with the "Party Box" - a box of surprises that we have assembled for you with a host of offers for activities, additions and attractions that will make your bar mitzvah perfect:

* From student to teacher- On your Bar Mitzvah day your child will become a guide himself! At first he will receive professional guidance from the Quarter, and then he will take part in a brief maturation ceremony in which the child receives the reins and personally guides visitors in the sites of the Quarter that are rich in history.

* A party planner- who will accompany and lead the celebration throughout the day and take care of all the small details.

* Musical accompaniment - cantor, musicians, drums and shofars.

* Actor - who will provide entertainment and awaken interest in number of central figures from history.

* Refreshments - a variety of options and places to serve refreshments, from a selection of menus of your choice

* Meals / feasts - A variety of options for a festive meal in one of the wedding halls / restaurants, and other types of venues in all corners of Jerusalem.

* Stam Writing Workshop - a workshop where guests will learn about the process of producing parchment and writing and will also get to try themselves.

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