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The Company for the Reconstruction and Development of the Jewish Quarter in the Old City of Jerusalem Ltd. is the only fully government-owned company in the Jewish Quarter (100% of its shares are held by Israel’s Ministry of Construction).

The Company was established in the year 1969 following the liberation of Jerusalem, and it serves as an arm of the government for executing governmental policy in the Old City of Jerusalem. The Company is the primary lessee of 133 dunams of public land inside the walls of the Old City, and of another approximately 17,500 square meters outside the walls (in the City of David). The Company also serves as a government housing company, and in this capacity it handles real estate and asset registration, the reassignment and transfer of rights, lawsuits relating to expropriation, ownership claims, evictions and the management of land registration ledgers.

  • The Company was established in 1969 by the government of Israel.

  • The Company was established in order to rehabilitate the Jewish Quarter and develop it as a national, religious, historical and cultural site, with an emphasis on its unique character.

  • The rehabilitation of the Jewish Quarter took 16 years.

  • After its rehabilitation, 600 families were housed in the Jewish Quarter.

  • The Jewish Quarter has over 40 schools and yeshivas, and dozens more synagogues, institutes, hostels, museums and visitor centers.

  • Commerce: Over 100 stores and businesses operate in the Jewish Quarter, and the Company views them as full partners in the development of the Jewish Quarter.

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