Shuttles to the Old City have been extended!

From Date: 01.01.1970

The “Free to the Old City” 

Shuttles leave every 20 minutes, and every hour on the hour an accessible vehicle for people with disabilities departs as well.

The shuttles’ route: from the parking lot of the First Station complex to the Dung Gate and back.

Updated information can be accessed

on the official Jerusalem travel site,,

at the Jerusalem Municipal Hotline - Moked 106

for those calling from outside Jerusalem, dial: 02-5314600

Arrival Instructions

From the entrance to Jerusalem, follow the wings – special road signs which lead to the parking lot of the First Station complex, where there are approximately 200 parking spaces available for a reduced daily fee. You can also use a navigation system, such as Waze, and search for terms like “The Old City”, “The Western Wall”, “The First Station” or “Free to the Old City.”

For mor information: The Jerusalem Municipality’s Official Jerusalem Travel Site

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