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Information about the Tour

Would you like to tour the Jewish Quarter with a ‘smart guide’? Do you want to get out of the rut?

How about a unique interactive experience that includes technology, a challenge, learning and team building?

“There is Where” in the Jewish Quarter and in the Jerusalem Archaeological Park!

The new mobile navigation game in the Jewish Quarter and the Davidson Center asks you to find your way with the help a mobile phone, a map, and a set of riddles.

You will pass a number of interesting and important milestones. At each point, you will have to solve a riddle creating an experience that will help you learn about the place.

Who is this tour suited for?

Families, workers, soldiers, and organized groups. Also, individuals who wish to challenge themselves with a navigation game.

The Tour

Mobile Navigation in the Jewish Quarter

The navigation points will lead you to the most prominent, important, fascinating, and beautiful places in the Jewish Quarter.

The Herodian Quarter – the neighborhood that housed Jerusalem’s wealthy;

The Hurva Synagogue – the symbol of the Jewish Quarter. A stunningly beautiful synagogue that was ruined in 1948, restored about five years ago, and once again became the symbol of the Jewish Quarter;

The Batei Mahse Square – where the Jews were rounded up before they were expelled from the Jewish Quarter in 1948;

All these and many other sites.

The game is available in Hebrew 

Mobile Navigation in the Jerusalem Archaeological Park – Davidson Center

All the periods of Jerusalem’s history are revealed in the Jerusalem Archaeological Park – Davidson Center!

The street and shops from the Second Temple period, houses from the Byzantine period, palaces from the Islamic period, and more.

The game is available in Hebrew in English

Useful information

- How much does it cost? For each group of up to 6 participants:
- 40 shekels for the Davidson Center: mobile navigation game
- 70 shekels for the mobile navigation game in the Jewish Quarter
- Opening hours: 9:00 am to 17:00 pm
- How do I order? To purchase tickets and for further details, dial 02-6265906
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