Homes host in the Jewish Quarter

Homes host in the Jewish Quarter

Homes host in the Jewish Quarter

Homes host in the Jewish Quarter

Homes host in the Jewish Quarter

Homes host in the Jewish Quarter

Homes host in the Jewish Quarter

General info about the tour

Jewish Quarter tourism invites the public to a unique tour between the homes of the Old City.

The tour includes a visit into both the new and old homes of Jerusalem.

We will visit the homes of the cohanim from the second temple period, and the burnt house- a witness to the destruction of the homes of Jerusalem. We will also visit the homes of the Jewish Quarter residents today- those who live in homes 150 years old and those who live in homes that were built after the Six Day War. We will get a unique peek into these homes- what it’s like to raise a family here, what it’s like to live in one of the most important focal points in the world…

Old and new in one visit to Jerusalem.

The ancient homes:

The Herodian Quarter- the homes of the wealthy from the second temple period, the time of King Herod. In a visit to the remains of these homes, you will see extravagant roman building styles, magnificent mosaics, wall decorations, valuable tableware and more. On the other hand, testimony of the destruction in the form of ash and burnt walls remind us of the end of this era.

The Burnt House- the house of the Katros family tells the story of this wealthy priestly family at the end of the Second Temple days, the destruction of the temple and of Jerusalem. At the site is a light-sound presentation that explains the social gaps on the eve of the destruction.

Among the host homes:

The House of the Professor- a narrow, three-floor house, with domes and wall paintings, decorated with good taste and warmth, this is the home of Prof. Zvi Eyal and his wife Heftziba. Prof. Eyal’s life story sheds light of the history of Zionism and our place in the world. The rooftop offers a magnificent bird’s eye view of the Temple Mt.

 The House of the Collecting Carpenter- an eclectic home in which every clock and stone has a story. Every piece of wooden furniture in the house is handmade by Shai, the carpenter landlord, and together they tell the story of a Yerushalmi family in the Jewish Quarter.

The Yerushalmi Court- what was once a Jerusalemite court surrounded by small homes- a room per family- became the home of the Hasdai family after the Six Day War. Discovered in the house was a hidden basement and a water cistern that leads into the depths of history. Also found in the cistern was a weapons cache, among them the gun that now rests on the window facing the street.

The House of Independence- a story of uprising and Zionism. Leah and Avi came to Israel, each on their own, and married without their families, in the presence of 30 people. They raised their children in a modern house in the Jewish Quarter. Today the family numbers in the dozens.

The Armenian House- neighboring the Jewish Quarter is the little-known Armenian Quarter. Jasmine offers a peek into her life in the unique Christian community, with a life story that begins under communist rule and continues to Jerusalem. The ancient house has been renovated and contains art and heritage pieces, each with a story.

Tour directions

* Every tour includes a visit to 2 ancient sites and 2 residences.

* Duration of the tour- 3 hours

* Due to the complexity of the tour, reservations must be made at least 2 weeks in advance.

* The tour is available in English and Hebrew. Option for other languages.

* Price per participant: adult- 60 nis, child/student/handicap- 46 nis

* 25 person minimum per group. 37 person maximum.

* For details and reservations: *4987

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