Alone on the Ramparts Museum

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The talented photographer John Phillips captured, wonderfull images of the Jewish Quarter as it was taken over by the Jordanians.

This exhibit is a must-see!


On the 28th of May 1948, a white flag was flown and the Jewish Quarter surrendered. That same day, all of the Jews were expelled to West Jerusalem. The defenders who had fought for the Jewish Quarter were taken captive by the Jordanians.

navigate the jewish quarter
in the Jewish Quarter and in the Jerusalem Archaeological Park Would you like to tour the Jewish Quarter with a ‘smart guide’? Do you want to get out of the route? An innovative mobile navigation game awaits you in the Jewish Quarter
The People Demand Social Justice
A tour of the old city, exploring the social strata, the leadership and the nation that lived here 2000 years ago.
One Ticket to Four Sites
Even Jerusalem’s elders can’t remember a discount like this one!
nine attractions for 100 nis
The best deal out there for a Jerusalem experience
Carved in Stone
A tour of the old city, following ancient inscriptions that were carved into stone hundreds and thousands of years ago.
Jewish Wedding Ceremonies
“If I prefer not Jerusalem above my chief joy…” (King James Version, Psalms 137:6). A wedding ceremony in the most enchanting place on earth.
A Bar/Bat Mitzvah in the Jewish Quarter
A Bar/Bat Mitzvah ceremony is undoubtedly a special experience that imprints itself on the heart of the young boy or girl coming of age.  Jewish Quarter Tourism offers a wide variety of options for celebrating a Bar/Bat Mitzvah in the Jewish Quarter, at the very heart of Jerusalem.
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